Our aim at International Professional Services is to allow our client more time to enjoy their life and their future.  To do this, we listen to what is important, what our client would like for the future and what they want to achieve in the short term.  We offer our clients the freedom to call any one of our skilled team members with a business, accounting, taxation, superannuation or financial services related question, knowing that we will provide them with a response in a timely manner.  We then work with our clients to set out attainable goals whilst remaining clear on time frames to achieve them.

“A successful lifestyle is easy to enjoy”

Obtaining freedom within creates a lifetime of freedom.  It takes time to reach ALL goals
so enjoy the freedom that time provides


The staff at International Professional Services are multi-educated and multi-skilled in all areas of taxation, superannuation and financial services.  This combination of talent provides our clients with advice that is up to date and relevant to each and every client on an individual needs basis.  Clients can be confident in the advice they are provided and are assured that International Professional Services is here to service our clients to the best of our abilities at all times.

“A successful lifestyle is easy to enjoy”

Our clients feeling ASSURED with the advice and service received from us,
means they can focus on what they do best


International Professional Services provide complex advice in a clear and simplified manner that enables our clients to understand what is important and what is needed to secure their future business and personal needs.  By provide quality advice that is clear and concise we are increasing the confidence that our clients have in our professionals on a daily basis.

“A successful lifestyle is easy to enjoy”

Always be CLEAR in the direction you are taking, be CLEAR on timelines and
timeframes and enjoy the freedom to see CLEARLY