What expenses can I claim on my ITR from employment?

Car Expenses Travel Expenses Other work-related expenses Other expenses Rental Expenses Car Expenses The records you need to keep will depend on your estimated business kilometres travelled. However, your claim at the end of the financial year will depend on your actual business kilometres. Therefore, if you cannot estimate your business kilometres, you should keep documentation as required by the logbook method. This will ensure that you will be able to make your claim under the method which gives you the greater deduction. If your estimated travel will be more than 5,000kms, you can use one of four methods: cents per kilometre method (restricted to claiming only 5,000kms) logbook method 12‰ of original value method, or 1/3 of actual expenses moethod. Cents per kilometre method You need records showing how you calculate business kilometres travelled and the amount of the claim. For example, diary entries and documents you can use to show the engine capacity of your car. Logbook method For each year you need: odometer readings for the start and end of the period being claimed business usage percentage based on the log book receipts or other documents showing fuel and oil expenses, or a reasonable estimate based on odometer readings, and receipts or other documents showing other expenses related to your car. For example, registration, insurance, lease payments, services, tyres, repairs, interest charges. Your logbook is valid for five years. If this is the first year you are using this method (or the five years has expired) you will need to keep a log book for this year. The logbook must cover at least 12 continuous weeks and show: when the logbook period begins and ends the car’s odometer readings at the start and end of the logbook period the total kilometres travelled in the log book period the kilometres travelled for work activities based on journeys recorded in the logbook. In recording the journeys, you need the start and finishing times of the journey, the odometer readings at the start and end of the journey, kilometres travelled and the reason for the journey, and the business use percentage for the log book period. Other work-related expenses Clothing, uniform, dry cleaning, laundry and sun protection These records may include: receipts or other documents showing expenses for uniforms and occupation-specific and protective clothing a basis for your claim for laundry costs if claiming less than $150 diary entries, receipts or other documents evidencing claims greater than $150 receipts or other documents showing dry cleaning costs, and receipts or other documents showing expenses for sun protection items. For more information on expenses you can claim on you ITR please visit the ATO website on our links page.