Do I need a will?

Yes, simply a will helps ensure your family’s needs are met according to your wishes. Apart from distributing your wealth and assets a will allows you to; provide for children from a previous relationship, exclude immediate family members if you so wish, provide for children with special needs, decide the guardianship of your children, allocate assets that do not form part of your estate such as family trusts etc. The most important things to decide when leaving your will are; who to appoint as executor, who will receive your assets and how and when your assets with be distributed. If you do not have a valid will at the time of your death the state will appoint an executor. This person will take into account your family situation and distribute your wealth and assets. This can be a very long and slow process and there is no guarantee that your estate will be divided how you had wished. Your will should be reviewed as circumstances change, things such as marriage or divorce, birth or death of family members, significant changes to the value of your assets, residency changes, if you enter or exit a business or if your retire.