Sel Hardy

Business Development Manager

Com. Cert, AAIB(Snr), Com. Dec

Sel joined International Professional Services as a Senior Associate and Business Development Manager in 2012.  Sel has over four decades of experience in the Banking and Finance industries combined and adds value to the firm with his ability to assist the directors in providing high level advice, assistance and guidance to the clients of IPS.

Sel’s role has, at many times, extended beyond that of assisting the directors, to being responsible for the organisation of various IPS client information nights, partnered marketing events and of course the popular IPS Annual Charity Golf Day held each year to benefit a worthy cause.

In addition to Sel’s extensive experience in the banking and finance world, Sel was the proud owner of a franchise sunglass business.  This ‘hands on’ journey has afforded him the experience needed to understand the pressures that business owners face in today’s economy.

Sel’s commitment to building genuine relationships with new and existing clients is at the forefront of his role at IPS. Additionally, his overall warmth and genuine understanding of today’s business domain in relation to finance, banking and SMB’s enables him to provide valuable advice to those at International Professional Services.


  • Associate of the Australian Institute of Bankers
  • Commercial Certificate
  • Commissioner for Declarations

Areas of expertise

  • Networking
  • Building Relationships
  • Organising, Planning and prioritising
  • Finance
  • Negotiating
  • Budgeting